Best way for two of us building images with MDT 2012 U1 to collaborate? RRS feed

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  • Myself and a coworker are both alternating on building images and task sequences. We each have MDT 2012 U1 installed on our desktops and currently we have separate deployment shares, with one on each of our Win 7 computers. I wanted to have them replicate so he can make use of my existing applications, drivers, images and task sequences. Also when he makes changes I would like them applied to my DS. FYI I'm only deploying images using lite touch usb deployment media, not with WDS, due to network constraints to many of our numerous sites.

    I understand the easiest way for us to have the same content in our deployment share would be to keep the deployment share on a server; we could each have MDT on our computers but the deployment share content would be on a file server. However, when I first started doing this a couple of years ago I had installed MDT on my workstation and had the deploymentshare on a file server. The performance was really bad though, with things like generating a catalog file or committing changes to a wim taking much of the day or overnight. So then I moved my DS to my PC and that helped.

    Now that my coworker is also building images we shouldn't duplicate our work such as importing drivers/applications and creating whole new task sequences and have two different sets of usb deployment media.

    My first attempt to smooth this out was to add the deploymentshare on his computer as a linked deploymentshare in my MDT. It seems this is a one-way partnership though.

    Is there an included method to replicate changes both ways? Or is really the only way for us to work together going to be getting a server from the server team that we'll install MDT on and copy his merged deploymentshare to?

    Thursday, May 29, 2014 3:34 PM