After Windows backup my account disappeared RRS feed

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  • I am the IT guy at a small business, I was asked to back up one of our systems, the only one in the office that runs vista (I have a strong hate for vista) so I desided to use the windows built in backup and restore tool, because I know vista is incompatible with most good software, that was mistake #1 that day but moving on.

    The backup took well into 5 hours, needless to say I was at home by the time it was half way done, When I got back in this morning it seems the system backup was somehow interrupted and now the user account it was running on is all screwy.

    List of issues on the account now:

    It shows up in the users list to click and log in, but it kept telling us the password was wrong, used an admin account to change the pass and it still said it was wrong, removed the password and it let me in but the system backup restarted and then froze the whole system and I was forced to reset the PC (doing so makes me cringe)

    After that I decided she could just use my admin account and I would put her desktop files on my desktop for now, NOPE! No such luck, Her user folder is missing from C:/users, I have been searching the web for the past hour and have tried a few tricks to get it to work, we run Windows Vista Business fully updated and it was as it is exactly right now as it was when I backed it up aside from the missing account folder and unusable account.

    Any help would be so greatly appreciated as the account has a lot of information my business needs. if I cant get the account back I would at least like to save the files. I may resort to using my windows ultimate boot tool to access the HDD and rip the info off but that is a lot of work and not a preferred method.

    Wednesday, February 12, 2014 6:25 PM