Application Requirements - using a Custom Condition with "One Of" operator RRS feed

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  • Simple question, how do you format the value field for a list of items to compare to using the "One of" operator?

    Online Microsoft documentation doesn't give much help ( . I'm guessing not used much.

    Yes, there is potentially another way around this (using a device collection) but in my particular case I need to target this app to a user collection, but only for particular device models those users are using.

    I could use "equals" each model and have multiple deployment types (one for each model), but that seems really inefficient when there is this "one of" operator.

    So, question is, how do you properly separate values?

    • With quotes, or not? (And single or double?)
    • With commas, semi-colons, colons, new line (as above)?

    Thanks all!

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