Can Vista (& XP) Default UI be changed on the fly? RRS feed

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  • I travel to Turkey every year for about a month with a Turkish friend.  I frequently am asked to solve various IT problems on their computers and networks for a couple family owned businesses.  They have a combination of XP and Vista systems; unforunately I don't know which editions of each at this time.  They occasionally install English as the default language, however more often they install Turkish.  It makes if very difficult for me to accomplish things when I don't know the language.  Frequently I know approximately where to go and can get things done by trial and error, remembering where I think things are and selecting various buttons hoping windows will open for which I'm looking.  I only understand English.  Is there anyway I can change the default language for these systems, on the fly, for my purposes, then change them back to Turkish when I'm finished?  I'm a complete novice concerning anything related to different languages.


    Short of that, is there anyplace I can get a Technical Translation Dictionary for the terms Microsoft uses.  Most of the words used by their OS's aren't in any translation dictionary I've found.



    Wednesday, February 27, 2008 2:07 PM