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    I need to change the accounting month end dates.  MSProject has the month end for May as May 31<sup>st</sup>.  I need to change the May month end to May 24<sup>th</sup> to coincide with our fiscal period end. For example:  if I  were to generate reports for May – MSProject would calculate May 1 to May 31<sup>st</sup>.  Our May fiscal month is Apr 27<sup>th</sup> to May 24<sup>th</sup>. Any help I can find will be appreciated.



    Wednesday, May 15, 2013 11:44 AM

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  • Hello,

    Unfortunately MS Project doesn't do this natively, which is a pity, as it was a firm requirement for my current employer.

    One workaround is to zoom in on the Task Usage/Resource Usage views to see weeks (assuming tyour financial periods always end at a weekend). You can then get the totals by week, which you could then manually total up for your financial periods.

    In order to achieve this in a more automated way, I had to write some custom reports that generated the time phased data. I also defined a Periods.mpp file which contain a task for each period, with the start and end dates of each task corresponding to the start and end of its respective period. This file was used as the basis for the custom reports, which had to the get the timephased data for each financial period defined in the Periods.mpp.

    It was a pretty big job in all honesty - if you wanted to achieve the same you'd either need to spend a bit of time getting to grips with VBA timephasing, or get some outside help in.

    Hope this helps anyway,


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  • I've just done this for a client. Firstly I created a Dates table in SQL Server. One record per day so each day belongs to both a calendar week and month and a Financial week and month.

    Then I export data from Project using VBA to a timephased table: one record per day. The macro needs to be run weekly to update the data in SQL Server.

    Then a View in SQL Server combines the data for Excel to use.

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    Wednesday, May 15, 2013 8:20 PM