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  • Hello all. I have 2 2012R2 UR7 Primary and Secondary DPM Servers

    PRI-DPM1 onsite
    SEC-DPM2 offsite, backing up PRI-DPM1
    PRI-DPM1 ran out of disk space, SEC-DPM2 disk space OK. Need to fix disk space & simulate disk pool failure or DPM1 meltdown

    Steps I have taken:

    Switched primary protection to SEC-DPM2 & ran all "Replica Inconsistent" verifications until all OK
    Uninstalled DPM on PRI-DPM1 and REMOVED ALL DATA because the storage pool disk was getting blown away and rebuilt
    Rebuilt new storage pool disk & initialized in Disk Management
    Reinstalled DPM on PRI-DPM1, patched to UR7, rebooted as needed

    *** Wanted to restore DPMDB back to DPM1 from DPM2 but could not because error 270 on DPM2 contacting DPM1 agent ***

    Restored DPMDB files to DPM2 and manually copied them to DPM1
    Stopped all DPM and SQL services on DPM1, renamed existing DPMDB files on DPM1 to .OLD and copied recoved files in their place
    Rebooted DPM1 to restart all services. Deleted old disk pool now listed on DPM1 from DB recovery and setup new disk pool to prepare for data recovery
    Closed DPM and ran dpmsync -sync (not sure if needed to) and then ran dpmsync -reallocatereplica (which rebuilt the pool partitions)
    Opened DPM and all Protection Members on DPM1 are in the (proper?) "Manual replica creation pending" state

    *** I now want to restore replicas from DPM2 to DPM1 but cannot because of the agent problem! ***

    Tried to install agent onto DPM1 from DPM2's "\Agents", "\ProtectionAgents" and original CD.
    \Agents - 4.2.1338.0 - Fails with 0x80070643
    \ProtectionAgents - 4.2.1205.0 - Fails with "Protection Agent cannot be installed on DPM..."
    (ISO CD)\Agents - 4.2.1205.0 - Fails with "Protection Agent cannot be installed on DPM..."

    I do not have a C:\Program Files\Microsoft Data Protection Manager folder on DPM1, so is it safe to assume the agent is in fact, NOT installed? And if so, how can I ever restore from DPM2 to DPM1 without an agent?

    I cannot delete DPM1's record from DPM2's agents list because it wants to delete the protection group that I want to recover from. I'm sure I've missed something but at a complete loss as to what.

    Have I done something out of order or missing a step? Sorry if this is a bit long, just wanted full disclosure on what I've done. Thanks for any/all help!

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