How so see all the Secondary SNA Servers configured in a SNA Domain? RRS feed

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  • I configured an HIS as primary Server & configured 3 other HIS as secondary Servers under the same SnaDomain.

    But on the System with Primary HIS Server, I can see only 2 servers in SNA Manager.

    Could you please explain how to configure HIS Servers, so that I can get all 4 HIS servers (1 primary & 3 secondary server), all in the SNA Manager?

    Friday, February 24, 2012 1:51 PM


  • When you configure a HIS Server as a secondary server, the secondary server tries to locate the primary HIS Server using the Primary Server Name or Subdomain Name that you entered in the Configuration Tool. Did this complete successfully in each case? If not, you should have gotten an error message that indicated the primary server could not be located.

    If the location process completetd successfully, then you should see that the HIS configuration is updated to include records for all of the HIS Servers in the Subdomain. If this is not happening, it indicates that there is a communication problem occurring that is preventing this process from happening.

    Do you only see two servers in SNA Manager when opening SNA Manager on each HIS Server or is this only happening on some of the HIS Servers? You should see all 4 servers in each instance of SNA Manager.

    Are all the servers on the same subnet or are they separated by routers/swiches? If they are separated by routers/switches, make sure that port 1478 (TCP and UDP) is opened on the routers/switches to make sure that the datagrams between the servers can cross the network.


    Stephen Jackson - MSFT

    Monday, February 27, 2012 2:38 PM