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  • We are trying to run Post OS task sequence on a basic Windows 8.1 image (logged in as local admin with no password) to do several things.  Some reboots are needed but the task sequence stops after the reboots.  We have discovered several things:

    - we see that a shortcut to run litetouch.wsf is put in the startup folder before the reboot but it does not seem to launch when coming back in to Windows because I assume startup items are prevented from running in admin mode in Windows 8.1

    - We can get the task sequence to continue if we open a elevated command prompt and run C:\MININT\Scripts\litetouch.wsf

    - This same task sequence runs without stopping on a Windows 7 machine.

    - Turning of UAC does not make a difference

    Anyone run in to this?  When running a full Client task sequence that installs the Windows 8.1 OS MDT does not seem to have an issue with the reboots.  What does it do differently there that it does not do in the "Post OS" task sequence?


    Wednesday, August 20, 2014 3:28 PM

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  • Hum.... It's not totally clear to me what your environment is here.

    Are the machines joined to a domain? Could be Group Policies Blocking you.

    Specifically, what User did you log in as? MDT is designed to work with the Local Administrator Account -500, any other account could cause problems.

    Keith Garner - Principal Consultant [owner] - http://DeploymentLive.com

    Wednesday, August 20, 2014 4:29 PM
  • This is a vanilla non-domain joined Windows 8.1 image with a blank admin password.  No configuration done to it and no other accounts on the machine beside the local admin.    However, I may have found a way aorund the issue.  It seems that if we disable the following local security policy on the Windows 8.1 machine, the "Post OS" task sequence resumes after reboot:

    User Account Control: Admin Approval Mode for the built-in Administrator account 

    The funny thing is that that this setting exists on Windows 7 machines and is enabled but does not stop the task sequence from continuing after reboots.  For now I guess we will just disable this at the beginning of the task sequence and disable it at the end unless someone has a cleaner way to do this.

    I'd still like to know why the difference in behavior between Win 7 and 8 but oh well....

    Wednesday, August 20, 2014 4:48 PM
  • I am having this same exact issue. I did notice that Administrator was disabled on this 8.1 build, which I just built from disc. Not sure how that happened yet.
    Tuesday, April 21, 2015 6:04 PM