Looking for Steps to recreate SharePoint Database on SBS2011


  • Hi there,

    I am running Windows Small Business Server 2011. A month ago I had a fatal crash (two drives in a RAID5). I was able to rebuild the server from backups, with the exception of my SharePoint server (companyweb).

    I have since completely uninstalled the SharePoint software as well as uninstalled the SQL instance.

    I am looking for the steps to completely re-installing sharepoint and setting up a blank copy of comanyweb on my server. I have tried installing WSS from the \Bin\CMPNENTS directory. All this does is install sharepoint without the SQL Instance. I have also tried installing a blank SQL instance, but was not successful in getting the two together.

    My searching of here and the web talks about how to restore from existing data... which I do not have.

    Any help would be appreciated (even pointing me to an existing write-up of blank installs on SBS2011).



    Sunday, August 18, 2013 8:56 PM

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for posting in the forum.

    As we known, If we uninstalled SharePoint Foundation 2010, the database content was not removed, so you can automatically restore the content by reinstalling SharePoint Foundation 2010. For details about how to reinstall SharePoint Foundation 2010 on SBS 2011, I suggest we could refer to the following articles.

    Reinstall SharePoint Foundation 2010

    Repair SharePoint Foundation 2010

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,

    Andy Qi

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    Andy Qi
    TechNet Community Support

    Tuesday, August 20, 2013 7:12 AM
  • Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the response, however, I don't think you read my post.

    I had a fatal crash, and was able to restore everything except my SharePoint data. I have since removed the SQL instance, so it is not there anymore to be recovered.

    The details you have sent do not include steps to reinstall the SQL instance.

    Tuesday, August 20, 2013 1:43 PM
  • Hello Don,

    Usually the Sharepoint SQL instance are created when you install Sharepoint. Once you complete the installation of the sharepoint do you see the SP Central Admin Website in IIS. Are you able to browse it? if not then what error do you get?

    You can also verify this by installing SQL Studio and connect to the sharepoint instance "ServerName\SharePoint". This should show your Sharepoint databases.

    Once you have SP Central Admin you can also create a new sharepoint website and convert it into a Companyweb.


    Tuesday, August 20, 2013 9:55 PM
  • Hi Naveen,

    Thanks for the response.

    I cannot connect to Server\SharePoint. When I check my services I do not see a SQL instance for SharePoint listed. I do have SQL instances for SBSMONITORING and BKUPEXEC.

    As for the IIS site, I do see the SharePoint Central Administration v4 listed, but get error 503, Service unavailable when I try to browse it.

    What do I need to do to recreate the SQL instance for SharePoint?



    Wednesday, August 21, 2013 12:56 AM
  • Hmm Don.. thats strange.

    Usually when the sharepoint is installed it creates a SQL instance, SP Central Admin and its database, a common Sharepoint-80 Website and its database.

    How are you doing the installation and is it successful?


    Thursday, August 22, 2013 12:40 AM
  • Here is how you create a new SQL instance:

    It is not for SBS 2011 but it will be similar.

    Thanks Robert Crane [MVP-Office365]

    Friday, August 23, 2013 2:46 AM
  • Hmm Don.. thats strange.

    Usually when the sharepoint is installed it creates a SQL instance, SP Central Admin and its database, a common Sharepoint-80 Website and its database.

    How are you doing the installation and is it successful?


    Hi Naveen,

    I am running Splash.hta from the WSS directory on SBS 2011 (C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\BIN\CMPNENTS\WSS), then installing the Software Prerequisites, then finally installing SharePoint Foundation.

    I do not receive any errors, other than to tell me certain components already exist on the server (SQL Native Client, and a hotfix).

    When the installation completes, I am prompted to connect to an existing SharePoint DB or create a new one. When I specify the instance for the new one, it gives me an error that it cannot connect to that instance. When I go looking, there is no new instance of SQL installed.

    Thanks for the help,


    Saturday, August 24, 2013 7:57 PM
  • Here is how you create a new SQL instance:

    It is not for SBS 2011 but it will be similar.

    Thanks Robert Crane [MVP-Office365]

    Hi Robert,

    I have two disks for SBS2011, neither of which has an SQLxxxx directory on it.

    In my experience of searching for answers, there are enough differences between 2008 and 2011 that I'm specifically looking for the steps for 2011.



    Saturday, August 24, 2013 8:02 PM
  • Yes there are differences but when it comes to creating an SQL instance it is pretty much the same.

    What SQL instances can you connect to/view?

    In the instances that you can connect to is there a WSS_CONTENT database?

    My understanding of the SBS 2011 SharePoint is that it WILL NOT create a SharePoint instance during reinstallation. You can of course specify any other instance for the databases but if you want a SharePoint instance and it isn't there then you will have to create on. If you uninstall SharePoint on SBS 2011 it DOESN'T remove the SharePoint instance or remove the databases so I have no idea how it is missing but if it isn't there and you want an instance called SHAREPOINT then you are going to have to manually create. I don't believe there is ANY documentation on how to create this instance manually and from my searching on the internet the above link I previous provided is generally you best reference.

    Thanks Robert Crane [MVP-Office365]

    Saturday, August 24, 2013 10:42 PM
  • Hi Robert,

    The instances that I can see are SBSMONITORING and BKUPEXEC. Neither of these have the WSS_CONTENT in them.

    I thought I had listed it in the original message (sorry for not including it), the reason the instances are missing is that I had a catastrophic failure and had to recover from tapes. The tapes did not include that instance of SQL.

    What's missing from the link that you provided is where the software is to install on SBS2011. It was not on the DVD as specified in the link.

    Still looking for clues on how to get a fresh copy of SharePoint installed with a fresh instance of SQL.

    An alternate question: How to I fool the system into thinking it is installing a fresh copy and not re-installing SharePoint on SBS2011?

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    Wednesday, August 28, 2013 4:41 PM
  • I know of no documentation that specifies how to create a new instance on SBS 2011 specifically.

    The software required to run the install is SQL 2008 R2 Express. Again, I don't know where that would be located for SBS 2011. However, it is a free download so you could simply download it and run the install and create a new instance via the 'standard'.

    Seeings as you want a dedicated SharePoint SQL instance you can't proceed further until you run the SQL 2008 R2 Express installation process to create it.

    Thanks Robert Crane [MVP-Office365]

    Wednesday, August 28, 2013 9:46 PM