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  • Hi All,

    I'm trying to solve an issue regarding inbound and outbound calls. I have a Mediation R2 and Mediant1000 Gateway setup. When I make a call from OC (office communicator) user going to a landphone number, i receive one ring and then a busy tone and a message stating "call was unsuccessful". And then I tried to make a call from a landphone going to an OC user, the call connected but I can't hear his voice and he can't hear mine also.

    I got this logs from my front-end server:


    An attempt to route to a gateway failed.

    Could not route to Gateway ----------------------, the attempt failed with response code: Timeout.

    Failure occurrences: 13, since 9/30/2010 10:35:39 AM.

    Cause: A gateway failed to respond to a request within allotted time or was unable to route the request due to some error.


    Check whether the specified gateway is up and is properly configured.


    I got this Logs from my Mediation Server:


    Mediation Server cannot reach the Gateway. Additional failures will not be logged.


    Cannot reach Gateway: (ConnectionRefused)

    Cause: Gateway IP address is invalid or gateway is not functioning correctly.


    Check the Gateway address and Gateway status and restart the service.


    I made a test checking my front-end, doing internal IM, Calls and Live Meeting and everything went well. also tried checking my Edge, IM, Calls and Live Meeting and got a good result. so I'm really confused why I'm getting problems with my Mediation Server.


    Hope you could help me with this problem I'm encountering. Thanks in Advance!

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    Thursday, September 30, 2010 7:18 AM

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  • Hi Maki,


    Please start by running a few tests from your mediation server.  From the error we see that the gateway is not responding. 

    First a question, do you have 2 NICs on your mediation server, and is one dedicated to the voice network, that NIC should have an IP address on the same network as the Voice Gateway and not have a default gateway. 

    Please telnet from your mediation server to the gateway on port 5060  (if you are using TCP) and port 5061 (if you are using TLS) and verify this works.   If you are using TLS make sure the mediation server can resolve the name of the gateway to the appropriate IP address. 

    Please post back your results.


    Hope this helps!


    Kevin Peters blog: www.ocsguy.com MCITP: Enterprise Administration | MCTS:OCS | MCSE | MCSA | CCNA
    Thursday, September 30, 2010 3:14 PM
  • Hi Sir Kevin,


    Thanks for replying!


    Yes i have two NICs on my Mediation Server, One has an IP address 192.168.3.X and the other has 172.20.1.X1 and may Gateway IP is 172.20.1.X2.


    Here's my telnet result:

    Connecting To 172.20.1.X2...Could not open connection to the host, on port 5061: Connect failed



    Since I specify TCP in my Mediation I should use port 5061 ryt? I can resolve the host name of my Gateway when I ping it.



    Here's my logs acquired from my OC client calling a phone number:



    1.       Client Communicator Logs


    A SIP request made by Communicator failed in an unexpected manner (status code 80ef01f8). More information is contained in the following technical data:


     RequestUri:   sip:+6329083411@-----.com.ph;user=phone

    From:         sip:bonus.ci@---------- =34b8605472

    To:           sip:+6329083411@---------;user=phone;tag=d51f26c4e8

    Call-ID:      b4cd9703d7d7438492d52886b6e00b56

    Content-type: application/sdp;call-type=audiovideo




    Response Data:


    101  Progress Report

    ms-diagnostics:  12006;reason="Trying next hop";source="ACOCSFNTED.-------.com";PhoneUsage="CN={77E30A96-D618-48DE-A200-6597957ABD73},CN=Phone Route Usages,CN=RTC Service,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=-----corp,DC=com";PhoneRoute="Makati-T1 - Metro Manila";Gateway="ACOCSMEDTN.------.com:5061";appName="OutboundRouting"



    183  Session Progress



    199  Early Dialog Terminated



    504  Cannot connect to gateway. Socket error: ConnectionRefused

    Ms-diagnostics:  10504;source="ACOCSMEDTN.------.com";reason="Gateway returned a SIP failure code";component="MediationServer";SipResponseCode="504";SipResponseText="Cannot connect to gateway. Socket error: ConnectionRefused";GatewayFqdn=""




     If this error continues to occur, please contact your network administrator. The network administrator can use a tool like winerror.exe from the Windows Resource Kit or lcserror.exe from the Office Communications Server Resource Kit in order to interpret any error codes listed above.







    TL_INFO(TF_PROTOCOL) [0]0D58.0A94::10/05/2010-02:37:30.335.0000028b (S4,SipMessage.DataLoggingHelper:sipmessage.cs(531))

    >>>>>>>>>>>>Outgoing SipMessage c=[<SipTlsConnection_4832B>],>

    SIP/2.0 504 Cannot connect to gateway. Socket error: ConnectionRefused

    FROM: "DB Chris I. Bonus"<sip:bonus.ci@-----.com.ph>;tag=4443d655e0;epid=7f9b092f25

    TO: <sip:+6329083411@------a.com.ph;user=phone>;tag=94be8917cf;epid=5F60D1DDDB


    CALL-ID: e4b86d380fff4699bfb5dcc43b306819

    VIA: SIP/2.0/TLS;branch=z9hG4bK1129F48A.455BE9659634F8DB;branched=FALSE,SIP/2.0/TLS;branch=z9hG4bK1EFC4D28.964EA7F18AA48984;branched=FALSE;ms-received-port=59572;ms-received-cid=60E00,SIP/2.0/TLS;received=;ms-received-port=49666;ms-received-cid=35B700


    SERVER: RTCC/ MediationServer

    Ms-diagnostics: 10504;source="ACOCSMEDTN.------p.com";reason="Gateway returned a SIP failure code";component="MediationServer";SipResponseCode="504";SipResponseText="Cannot connect to gateway. Socket error: ConnectionRefused";GatewayFqdn=""

    ------------EndOfOutgoing SipMessage


    Should there be any concerns, please advise! Thanks in advance!



    Tuesday, October 5, 2010 6:11 AM