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  • Three weeks ago I found a webpage at Microsoft with numerous options for downloading Windows 10. Now I cannot find that particular page! I do find the one where you download a small file that then gives us options to Update, Create and .iso file and create a media (USB thumbdrive), but NOTHING to download JUST a installation file for Windows 10?

    I already created BOTH, an .iso on DVD and a Thumbdrive but I am now TRYING to install Windows 10 on an 8" tablet, with LIMITED memory on the C: drive. It only has a Micro USB input and nothing more. It might support an external DVD player IF I had the right adapters, I do not. And it will not boot from the USB for a thumb drive.  The keyboard has NO F keys and it has NO Delete key to get to the bios and change the Boot options!!!

    I tried upgrading but it ran out of battery juice before it could complete. However, I think that it would have ALSO ran out of space before it could do ALL of the space EATING that Windows use to install Windows 10, such as:
    1. First the download itself about 2.3 GB
    2. Installing the New System ?? about 4-5 GB, and then
    3. Saving the OLD Windows install, another 2.8 GB
                 For a total of 9GB to 10 GB !!!!!

    It only has 7.3 GB space remaining of the original 24 GB. It does have a 128 GB Micro chip but that is WHY I need to be able to download the INSTALLATION FILE for Windows 10. I could copy it to the D: Drive and run it from there, then it would ONLY use about 5 GB, leaving a 2.3 GB extra. After deleting the Old Window it would then have 5 GB free space.

    ANY IDEAS or links to a Windows 10 download page WOULD be GREATLY appreciated.   Ron E. L.

    Friday, October 9, 2015 1:03 AM