UAG SP1 with ADFS V2 ( How to add a new header when the request is redirect to ADFS from UAG for authentication ) RRS feed

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  • In our scenario ADFS V2 is configured with UAG SP1. The ADFS server is configured to use "AD" and "CustomSTS" ad claims trusted providers. when a tradtional user login to "Secured application" the requrest is redirect to ADFS homereal page where the user can select a Identity provider.

    The requirement that i have here is to get hold of the url of the "secured application" on customSTS (IP-STS) login page to make application specific customizations. The first thing that strike my head is "orig_url"

    1)  I thought i can get this "orig_url" in the current session but as i understood no session is created until unless the user is authenticated. 

    2) Then i looked into the http_referer url to get hold of the "orig_url". But i cannot totally trust on http_referer coz it is easy to tamper it and i dont know why but http_referer is null sometimes. so i can go with this option.

    3) As last option i thought to add a new header and pass the orig_url as new header when the request travel to the back end application server. 

    The last option sounds like it solve my requirement. I googled arround and found that it is possible to modify a AppWrap and add new header. This is what i did.


    <VALUE encoding="" using_variables="true">Hybrid_WhlStatusFlagP</VALUE> </HEADER>

    But no header was added on request from UAG to backend application. So wondering whether this AppWrap file is accessed on the redirection from UAG to the ADFS or not?

    Do you guyz have any idea to do this?

    Help will be appriciated.

    Thanks in Advance


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