How to migrate a cloned Production enivornment SharePoint 2010 Database, Web and Project Server to a Testing environment RRS feed

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  • I have cloned a functional production SharePoint environment (ProdSpDB_1, ProdSpWeb_1, ProdSpPrj_1) and brought it online in my test environment.  

    My servers are assigned newly test server names (TestSpDB_1, TestSpWeb_1, TestSpPrj_1) and IP Address were re-configured. They can communicate with each other.  I can RDP to the server to configure the servers.

    These are steps I have done to configure these machines and start the portal.
    1) The service accounts used by service application & app pools are no longer referring to the production domain.  

    2)  The SharePoint configuration wizard was run successfully.

    I have RDP to both servers and tried to compare the differences and make changes accordingly.  Should I perform a backup of the SharePoint farm and restore it in the testing environment to get everything working?  

    I referenced the following forum to help me, but it get's me part of the way.

    Clone SharePoint 2010 Production environment for Test Environment

    Very Kind Regards, Kevin Scott

    Saturday, October 20, 2018 6:11 PM