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  • The "Save for Sharing" doesn't have the same behavior for different projects. Sometimes the "Publish" is not enabled. I don't understand why.

    I used the option in that manner.
    1.            Open MS Project Pro 2010.
    2.            Open the project plan from the server.
    3.            Now save it locally without making changes in the File Name, using File > Save & Send > Save Project as File > Save For Sharing.
    4.            Close MS Project Pro 2010 – you can keep the project checked out to yourself.
    5.            Now open MS Project Pro 2010 > File > Open > open the project plan from where you saved it locally, not from the server.
    6.            File > Save As (don’t change the Project Name, it might be even grayed out)
    7.            Save and then publish the project plan.

    For some projects the Publish option is greyed.
    Even if I do some changes, the Publish remain greyed.

    Do you know which options in the plan have to be verify to avoid this behavior?

    I use the "Save for Sharing" to fix coruption in plan. It is the first I can't do.
    We applied the CU December 2012 to the project.

    Thank you in advance

    Pascal Jean

    Friday, June 21, 2013 1:35 PM

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  • Hello Pascal,

    I understand the issue is intermittent. I would be interested to still know, if you know of any project which this issue occurs more frequently. Only way to troubleshoot such issues is to investigate when they occur.

    For now, I would suggest to check few things.

    1> Cache is the project cache cleared or is anything changed on cache for this system or project.

    2> When publish gets disable. What if you checkin and reopen.

    3> Also does the issue occur for a specific PM, plan, system, etc.

    4> Also I would be interested to check when you complete the "save as" - does the save get successful and later if you check other button like save, close, etc. in file menu is enabled?

    Wednesday, July 17, 2013 11:53 PM