Contig returning "Status_Invalid_Parameter" RRS feed

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  • Here is the error

    Contig v1.8 - Contig
    Copyright (C) 2001-2016 Mark Russinovich

    Processing E:\$Mft:
    Scanning file...
    Scanning disk...
    File is 22983 physical clusters in length.
    File is in 4 fragments.

    Found a free disk block at 203327159 of length 23026 for entire file.
    Moving 22983 clusters at file offset cluster 0 to disk cluster 203327159
    Move cluster status: STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER


    This is a 30TB raid array

    Ideas anyone?

    Saturday, October 13, 2018 10:21 PM

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  • I got same thing trying to do this in admin level PowerShell.

    I happened to wonder what would happen if I ran in admin level CMD and to my shock it worked like a charm!

    Same commands (except need to escape the $ in powershell).

    Do this in elevated CMD prompt:

    to analyze:

       contig.exe -v -a c:\$mft

    to defrag MFT, consolidate into 1 fragment vs many:

       contig.exe c:\$mft

    Hope this helps out someone else!


    (In powershell escape the $ with a backtick (grave accent) ` character before the $. However not sure what good that will do you if the consolidation attempt errors out when trying in PS vs just doing in CMD.)

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