ReadyBoost causing... issues... with my mimobot flash drive RRS feed

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  • OK, so I got my new Vista Business machine at work and decided to test ReadyBoost with my mimobot flash drive, 4GB, and at first it worked great.  Had about 2.6GB free and, as per Windows' suggestion, I dedicated it all to ReadyBoost.  Then I restarted the computer with the mimobot in and ReadyBoost running.  After it restarted, Windows was only using about 700MB of the flash drive for boosting readily (har har).  I proceeded to disable ReadyBoost on that device, but now it's registering as having 750MB free, on a 4GB device with about a gig of actual data stored on it.

    Anyone experience this before?  Any known fixes, have I buggered the drive royally by restarting with ReadyBoost running, or what?  Please help... and thankee in advance.
    Friday, May 18, 2007 7:47 PM