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  • Hello I am very concerned about my Nokia Lumia 520 lately every time I use internet explorer to search the web has been crashing alot I don't mean 1 or twice I mean every time I use it eg bbc news it would load the page but as soon as it loads it crashes and now has started to make strange noises it is also seems to be alot of glitches. Ej it would come up with a blank white screen and start dancing I mean go off come back to the white screen then it will go blank then say resuming for about 2 mins then go straight to my home screen were my apps are I am currently running windows phone 8.1 technical preview I understand that this is not the official software and its lightly to get bugs but I starting to get peed off about it as I cant enjoy surfing on the web I was wondering if this is a well known problem and is there away to fix this. Also there is a problem with battery saver for the first time battery saver is fully up to date but I have put my phone in a routine were my phone dies around 4:am every day which is good because every none window phone dies around 7 hours of using it but anyway I have placed the phone on charge today everything went great 100% battery life well until my phone asked me to restart my phone . came back on then i see my battery is on 19% and battery saver is on now it seems to be stuck showing 19% and not moving i no my battery is still on or around 100% because it is still fully working great with no problems i am very worried about this as I don't no what my battery is on
    Wednesday, December 17, 2014 7:49 PM