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  • Greetings.  I have a disk containing 15 separate volumes which DPM was using as backup targets for Exchange databases which were inadvertently converted from basic to dynamic, thereby rendering them inaccessible by DPM.  After researching the problem, I backed up all of the volumes using Windows Backup (WBADMIN) to a different disk, removed the original volumes from the disk in question (disk #3), converted the disk back to basic, recreated the volumes, and restored the data.  The volume IDs are now identical to what they were at the beginning of this odyssey and I re-pointed\re-associated the mount points to the new volumes.  In DPM, I rescanned all of the volumes through Disk Storage but DPM refuses to recognize the volumes.  Oddly, for one of the volumes, I increased the size and whereas DPM reports the increased capacity, the status of the volume shows up as being unavailable/offline.

    I am at a loss as to how to cajole DPM so that it will recognize the volumes.  From what I can tell, the correct rights were restored and, other than the issue described, the data seems to be accessible.

    Thanks for any assistance or advice you can provide.


    R. Burke

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  • Hi,

    DPM in general is very sensitive with disks, have you taken the disk offline and back on in Disk Management and then refresh in the DPM console?

    I'm afraid that you might have to try and migrate all the data from that disk to another disk with the MigrateDatasourceDataFromDPM script.

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    Wednesday, May 9, 2018 2:17 PM