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  • Hello, at first this may seem very similar to existing post here and elsewhere but I'm on MDT 2008 and my issue is a bit different than what I have found via searching.

    I have MDT 2008 running on Win2003Server and we are using for deploying XP.  The deployment in general works.  OS is installed the problem is that some, not all but some apps get an error indicating that it's trying to establish multiple connections to a server or share.  I image a PC and apps A, B and C will fail... I do it again and A installs but B and C fail.  It's sporadic at best.  Here is an approximation of the scenario:

    MDT distribution share

    App install points
    \\nas\packagesshare  (SMS install points are here)
    \\nas\softwareshare  (just run of the mill install files here)

    Some apps come from two different shares on our NAS, antivirus apps come from our av server and several other things come from the MDT server its self.  The apps from MDT always work.  The apps from the avserver always work.  The apps from the nas are hit or miss.  I can typ the credentials my self after imaging (presumably doing the same thing MDT does) and insall the apps just fine. (map drive to share, run command line for silent install, disconnect drive). 

    MDT is logged on locally as local admin of course and is usuing an account that is specifically for imaging that has full permissions to all the locations that I am trying to install from.  I had seen something suggesting putting AV softare last, done no effect.  I see lots of chatter about MDT 2010 having some issue like this but it have 2008. 

    Any help would be awesome!

    Oh and the location of the apps is not my call. :-)
    Thursday, December 17, 2009 9:16 PM


  • Generally this happens if the local administrator has permissions to that share via pass through security (that is the same password) as the local administrator account or anonymous access has permissions to that particular folder.  In that case the permissions for anonymous or local administrator would conflict with the credentials from the build account and you would get that error.  I would try to connect to each of those locations manually without specifying credentials and see which one lets you in.  You will need to modify the permissions on that folder
    Tim Mintner Principal Consultant Xtreme Consulting Group
    Thursday, December 17, 2009 9:23 PM

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