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  • Is it okay to have Sharepoint Users Edit spreadsheet while holding Spreadsheets open on Sharepoint 3.0 and updating spreadhseets and saving on Sharepoint 3.0.  I personally think users should be doing all work on their desktop and upload spreadsheet to Sharepoint site.  So i have about 10 separate folders where 10 users are holding their unique spreadsheets open on the Sharepoint site doing updates.  Is this OKAY to do.  I'm starting to get more frequent "UNABLE TO CONNECT" message on a frequent basis; and I'm thinking its because these users are holding opening more shared connections.

    Am i way off basis here, or is it okay to hold open spreadsheets on Sharepoint Site.  (WSS 3.0)



    Wednesday, March 12, 2014 9:23 PM

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  • This kind of work is what Excel Calculation Services is for.  It lets users edit and calculate spreadsheets much larger than they could handle on their own workstations.  But having said that you still need to account for the performance load.  If users are going to use Excel Services a lot it should be loaded on a separate App server so that it doesn't interfere with the work of the Web Front End servers.  It sounds like you are running it on the Web Front End server and its time to scale up and scale out.

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    Wednesday, March 12, 2014 11:45 PM