2007 List multi line Rich text randomly disabled when edit RRS feed

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  • With our 2007 list form in edit mode, the multiple lines of text columns of type <label for="onetidRichTextCompatible">Rich text (Bold, italics, text alignment)... </label>(we have two on the form)... become disabled not allowing data entry or showing the user content in them occasionally. The issue is resolved once you restart the internet explorer session.

    This happens when the user first brings up the edit form on a list item.  If the user goes to any other list item, these textboxes are disabled and they have to close the browser to then be able to edit any list item.  

    Even though the text areas are disabled and not rendering the content, the editor controls are enabled...such as bolding, italics, underline, bullet items, etc.  This is almost the exact opposite on a properly working form when it first loads...the editor controls are grayed out, but the content shows.  You have to click in the content area of the textbox to get the controls to enable.

    We are seeing this with users on IE10 and IE8.

    There is a workflow on the list, but it's pretty simple and not doing much other than sending conditional emails and setting a field value.

    What's interesting is if the user having the issue tries a plain text field on another list, he can edit that plain text field...just not one with rich text type.  

    So, it looks as if something with the Rich text field type is the issue.

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