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  • Hello,


    On Friday I have loaded Windows Steadystate on my HP - Win XP Home Edition machine.

    I strictly fallowed the steps from this site

    The only thing is this:

    Where it says “User Settings”, after I loaded Steadystate (SS) was some preloaded User, name was something like this “default_fftpp904”, but could be other word, not default, other then fftpp, but was for sure same structure and was 904 at the end - but this info might not be relevant to the problem

    So I went ahead and booted as Guest, with my guest password, of course all stuff like My Dosc were not accessible and comp was basically “locked”, good.

    But then I realized… I can’t login as Admin! So panically I’ve tried whatever passwords and in effect… got myself locked! Most likely locked only the Guest account.

    Now I have this super protected PC with SS on it and all My Documents… Pictures Word Docs and iTunes are…. Locked!

    And now after I’ve called HP Tech Support, my computer is even more messed up!

    Yes, they told me to log on as Administrator, and I did in safe mode, but then when trying to reboot...

    System goes in loops… when I turn it on, it goes to initial “HP Invent” screen (the one with options in the right bottom corner: F1, F10).

    Then it goes to Advanced Boot screen, the one with options to choose like “Safe Mode”,”Last working config” etc.

    I’ve tried all of them /advanced booting options like Safe Mode/ multiple times no success…. Loopin’… loopin’…loopin’…  Turns off and goes to initial “HP Invent” screen.


    I REALLY need my 40 gigs of family pics, movies, iTunes music!

    Bummer! SteadyState did something else, I think /and I guess this is normal for SS/

    When I fire up DOS and go "C:\> dir on\"
    then results are:
    "Volume in drive C: is HP_RECOVERY
    Volume Serial Number is 2EB7-3477
    Invalid Directory"

    So now I not only have SS loaded on it /and SS is doing its job/ but also can't boot...

    Would that imply that SteadyState hid c:??? I guess yes.
    So, how do I suppose to fix my machine now...????

    Any clues???







    Sunday, February 10, 2008 9:58 PM


  • Hi Michael,


    You can use following steps to repair Windows XP:


    1: Boot from the XP cd
    2: At setup screen choose install Windows XP by pressing ENTER
    3: At EULA press F8
    4: After EULA screen choose to do a repair of XP

    Hope this helps.


    Tuesday, February 12, 2008 10:29 AM