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  • I am looking for some tips from other developers and how they may tackle this situation.  We have discussed it at my office here and, so far, have not come up with any revolutionary ideas.

    We are asked to develop SSIS packages for our Production environment.  The process is that we develop the SSIS packages on our Dev machines and once they are done we move them to a Test environment.  This Test environment is a very close mirror to the Production environment but some items are different.  In some cases there are different file system paths and server names between Test and Production.

    What these differences result in is that we first need to develop our SSIS packages to work for a period of time in the Test environment and work properly with the server names and file system paths that exist in the Test environment.  Once the testing period is done we then need to move the code to our Production environment.  In this move there are typically some small changes to make sure the SSIS package will work with the new server names and file system paths that are found in Production. 

    Often time we see troubles in that we missed a server name or file system path when moving the code from Test to Production and the result is that the code is in Production but looking for a server name or file system path in test.

    Has anyone struggled with this and have a way around it?

    Monday, February 22, 2010 4:36 PM


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