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  • Hi....I have a file that was giving me a c++ runtime error for abnormal program termination for a free program....avery labelmaker pro...they are really, really important files for me...label files for my business.

    I was getting this "abnormal program termination" error when I would try to open up the file on my old computer--the files are stored on an external hard drive--and my main hard drive (not that one) crashed.  Long story short, I bought a new computer (which is running windows 8, not 7 like my other one) and when I tried to open the files using the new computer....same error message.

    How weird is that?  I re-downloaded the free program (design pro) to open the files, and it still gives the same error.  What are the odds the error would be the same error on 2 different operating systems, after having worked FINE for literally years?

    Can anyone help me fix this?  I'm really in a bad spot and need to try to solve the dilemma....

    In a nutshell, here is exactly what happens:

    I double click on the file to open it in windows explorer (or, I open the design pro program and click "open" on the file I want) --and it doesn't matter which file--I have several dozen, and they all give this same error

    and when it tries to open, it immediately triggers this error message:

    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error

    Runtime Error!

    Program: labeler.exe

    Abnormal Program Termination

    Can anyone help me?  I really need to fix these, soon!Thank you to anyone who reads this and/or helps...

    Thursday, January 30, 2014 4:17 AM