Implementing PaaS (CloudFoundry/BOSH) feeds a huge number of (unwanted) ProtectionServers into DPM RRS feed

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    We have a Hyper-v cluster with VM's on Cluster Shared Volumes, we are using System Center (2012 R2) VMM and DPM for backing up the core infrastructure and a selection of vm's from some of our VMM clouds.

    Ongoing work is to implement a PaaS with Hyper-V/System Center - with use of CloudFoundry/BOSH. Due to a lot of unity tests many short lived vm's are made that we never want to backup with DPM. It looks like that the DPM Agent on the Hyper-v hosts in the cluster feeds all vm's that it sees into DPM as a ProtectionServer - even though these VM's do not have any DPM Agent installed.

    Doing this SQL in the DPM Database:

    SELECT count(*) FROM [DPMDB_MyDPM].[dbo].[vw_DPM_Server]

    Gives 5531 entires. A huge number of these entires are from the PaaS CloudFoundry/Bosh created VM's in the IaaS. These are VM's that never have been backed up by DPM (Or have any DPM agent installed).

    We see the same with use of powershell:

    PS C:\> $ps = Get-ProductionServer | Where-Object {$_.Name -like "*bosh_vm_being_created*"}
    PS C:\> $ps.length
    PS C:\>

    * The huge number of (unwanted) Production Servers in our DPM causes that our DPM is going slower and slower. And we see that our DPM SQL Database is working more and more. Today we are only taking backup of around 20 VM's, the SystemCenter MSSQL and a few hosts with DPM agent.

    Question 1 - How can we remove these unwanted ("bosh_vm_being_created") ProductionServers from our DPM? They do not have any DPM agent installed, they have no recovery point in DPM. But still they are listed in DPM as a ProductionServer. Why?

    Question 2 - How can we configure DPM to filter out these PaaS/CloudFoundry/Bosh VM's so that they do not reach the DPM system?

    Br. Rune

    Thursday, April 3, 2014 8:23 AM

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  • Hi

    Unfortunately I have no solution on my case yet. The number of ProductionServers in our DPM server is growing and growing. And our DPM is going slower and slower.

    PS C:\> $ps = Get-DPMProductionServer -DPMServerName <DPMhostname>
    PS C:\> $ps.length
    PS C:\>

    It must be an purg-job that is not cleaning out old VM's (objects) from the DPM server I guess. I our VMM we only have around 200 VM's. So most of the ProductionServers in our DPM is old VM's that no longer exist.

    When we try to use Remove-ProductionServer.ps1 powershell to remove one of these ProductionServers - we get an error because the VM do no longer exist (and the VM do not have any agent installed).

    Do anyone have any experience with this?

    Br. Rune

    Friday, May 9, 2014 9:43 AM