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  • No, really. Everything. From running programs to opening browsers to right-clicking on files, there is almost nothing that doesn't cause my laptop to freeze or crash.

    Several days ago, my laptop first stopped responding. The screen was black no matter what I tried, so I manually shut off my laptop with the power button. Whenever I tried to turn it back on, the screen would stay black. After hours of trying to figure out to do, I decided a refresh would be worth it, but it didn't help all too much. My laptop now successfully turns on without problems half the time (there are still plenty of times where the screen stays black), and despite taking several minutes to boot up, everything seems fine. However, now every action causes the system to freeze or crash. Opening any program or file, copying files, opening internet browsers, even a simple right-click on anything causes it to crash almost every time. On very rare occasions when my laptop does try to work, it takes several minutes, sometimes even hours to execute simple commands.

    I've tried checking the files I've attempted to open for corruption, but every time cmd returns with no corrupted files found (I was only able to do it three times, my laptop crashes if I try to do it now). I cannot even use the laptop to try to find out what the problem is, I'm having to use a relative's computer in order to type this. I cannot do clean boots, system dumps, or anything else you might suggest I do on the device. I think I may have caused damage to the system when having to power t off incorrectly the first time it froze. Due to the refresh, I am sure that I don't have any viruses or malware that are causing the problem, although I may be wrong, since a Malwarebytes scan causes the system to crash, like everything else.

    Is my problem fixable? Do I need to take my device in to someone? I haven't been able to find anything online that can was able to help me. All feed back is appreciated.
    Saturday, February 8, 2014 9:26 PM


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