Performance Reports (DiskSpace, CPU- and Memory Usage) and Availability over alll these components


  • Hi to all,

    our managements wants to have Performance Reports about CPU-/MemoryUsage and Diskusage. So far so good, this is no Problem. The CoreOS MP has all Performance collecting rules and Reports onboard.

    Here comes the tricky Part:
    we should build some Rules/Monitors which are gathering performance Data (CPU-/Memory Usage, Disk utilization) but also have a treshold set to (for example) 90% Usage. All is fine when the utilization stays under the 90% mark and the Availability of the so called Service (combination of CPU/Memory/Disk) is 100%. But when we reach or break the 90% it should decrement the Availability.

    I´ve tried to put this into some form of a Distrituted Accplication, but when i Put in the Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 computer object (where CPU and Memory) is inlcuded it somehow pulls also down the availability (because of some other faulty Object).

    Don´t geht me wrong, I´m working with SCOM (also MOM before) since a long time, but this is almost driving me crazy :-(
    Any ideas how I should approach this task?

    Thanks and best regards

    Wednesday, September 25, 2013 9:41 AM