PXE Boot; TFTPTimeout; Error EventID 4101; Windows Failed to Start. A Recent Hardware of Software change...0xc0000001 RRS feed

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  • I am having the hardest time with this error.  

    My environment is all Server 2016 (Vmware 6.7)

    MDT 8456

    ADK and WinPE - 17763.1 (1903)

    Regardless of what option i go with. EFI, BIOS, x86,x64 (Nic VMXnet, e1000, e1000e). WDS Set TFTP Max size to 0,512,1024,2048 up to max, or disabling Variable Window Extension I cannot get the TFTP downnload to complete.  DHCP hands out an IP, PXE response is there, it gets the boot file and starts the download of the WIM but almost always fails.  I can throw out 30 VM's and maybe 2 or 3 will get all the way to the WINPE environment. Doesnt *seem to present the issue in a physical workstation (But I cant roll the quantity like i can in a virtual environment to test).  All the rest will fail with the error I have in the Title.

    WDS server shows the Error code 1460

    Followed all the links and NOTHING is helping me.  



    Alot of people talking about the March Update from this year causing this, but I'm on CU for the month so unless it was re-introduced I'm not sure what the cause is.  This environment has been working for over a year.  

    I've cleared my entire DHCP reservations so there are no duplicates or anything of that nature.

    I've tried completely removing WDS and the share and then re-installing/configuring and regenerating Boot files.

    No Dice.

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  • This was a fun one.  Turned out to be a Firmware update that was implemented on our HP servers (ESXI hosts). It was causing very intermittent network issue where you'd see data being transferred but it would eventually stop the transfer and cause the reported errors. (Maybe memory issue on the card itself...not sure). Hasn't been a reported issue by HP and was not at all easy to track, but if this helps one other person not suffer through this effort, thats good.    

    The updated firmware that fixed the issue for us was the following:

           Version: 5.8.4
       Description: HPE Broadcom NetXtreme-E Online Firmware Upgrade Utility for VMware

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