Gain/Grant access to Azure rights protected files of Ex-Employee RRS feed

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    We will be soon rolling out the Azure RMS in our organization. We have our custom RMS templates to be published for the users. There is a viewer template that allows View, Reply and Reply All protection to files. An employee has some files which he has protected using this template and now he is no longer with the company. How can I(as an admin) access those files. I believe we can have full access added to the admin group for those templates. By that way admins can recover the data. However in our case we want that ex-employees manager to go through his data. He is not an admin. How can we change rights for those files so that ex-employee's manager can access them.

    All i could think of was, me as an admin will have to access that file and change the rights of that file. What if there are thousands of such files. How can this be made easier in such litigation requests.

    Please suggest.

    Friday, April 24, 2015 10:58 AM


  • This is where the super user feature comes in - see Enable–AadrmSuperUserFeature and Add–AadrmSuperUser.  For this scenario, you would temporarily enable the super user feature, and add the manager as a super user. 

    However, that gives this manager all rights to all protected files, not just the files for this ex-employee.  To help with the scenario you're describing, we recently added the following tip to the custom templates documentation:

    Consider adding the Copy and Extract Content right and grant this to selected administrators or personnel in other roles that have responsibilities for information recovery. Granting this right lets them remove protection if needed, from files and emails that will be protected by using this template. This ability to remove protection at the template level provides more fine-grained control than using the super user feature.

    Obviously, this is too late for you, for this ex-employee.  But something to consider for the next time.

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