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  • Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone had any insight out there in regards to this error. All I did to repro the issue was hide a contact in exchange and then unhide that contact and now I get a sync error for that contact.

    The error:

    Stack Trace info:

    Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.UnexpectedDataException: Provisioning without cn, mailNickName or targetAddress
       at Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.GALSync.Synchronizer.LogAndThrowUnexpectedDataException(String ExceptionString)
       at Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.GALSync.MVSynchronizer.AddOrRenameConnector(ConnectedMA& MA, GALMA& MAConfig, MVEntry mventry, CSEntry csentry)
       at Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.GALSync.MVSynchronizer.Provision(MVEntry mventry)

    I would be happy to provide more information if it helps.

    I am kinda at a loss here as I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work. I disabled, recreated, moved the account but no change. I ensured my sync removed the contacts in case it was holding on to them in the remote AD but the contact is currently not in the remote AD and it's not syncing back either due to this error.

    Please note: I am only using the Synchronization Service and not the portal.

    Any advice?

    Thank you in advance.



    Event viewer shows:

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  • On the CS object that is in error can you please show the attributes that have changed on the IMPORT tab?  Note that over the years there have been lots of issues raised with GALSync such as this one - and the same advice from Marcus still applies.

    Bob Bradley (FIMBob @ ... now using FIM Event Broker for just-in-time delivery of FIM 2010 policy via the sync engine, and continuous compliance for FIM

    Thursday, January 28, 2016 1:44 PM
  • Hi,

    Is this error coming for only this object or for all? you can try out things like cleaning this object from metaverse and try sync again, also the exception shows 'Provisioning without cn, mailNickName or targetAddress' try debugging the code to check why this is coming.


    Friday, January 29, 2016 6:11 AM
  • Sorry for the delay, I was off for a few days..Was this the screen shot your were looking for? Again the issue was from the checkbox to hide the contact in the exchange address book, once it was hidden the contact was removed from the sync and when I unchecked it to unhide it, I expected that it would simply update the record, but instead I get the sync error..I no longer find a trace of this contact in the metaverse to clean it up and the contact no longer exists in the remote forest and previews can't be committed.

    Thanks again :)


    Monday, February 1, 2016 3:06 PM
  • This only happens for the contacts that I have used the exchange checkbox to hide the contact, the error comes after I unhide the contact.

    I also can't find the contact in the metaverse to clean, I will look into my debug options to see if it will help.

    Thanks again :)


    Monday, February 1, 2016 3:11 PM
  • This checkbox corresponds to the msExchHideFromAddressLists attribute - there is an advanced filter on the contact object class configured for this MA, and to discover what these rules are you would probably need to run a .Net reflector on the GALSync.dll.  Best bet is to look up any documentation you can find on this MA regarding rules extensions, in particular filters and join rules.

    Bob Bradley (FIMBob @ ... now using FIM Event Broker for just-in-time delivery of FIM 2010 policy via the sync engine, and continuous compliance for FIM

    Monday, February 8, 2016 12:52 AM