Which document to refer while supporting Windows phone 8.1 MDM RRS feed

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  • Hi Guys ,

    I am confused what document should be referred while supporting  Windows phone 8.1. 

    I have been going through following documents

    MS-MDM - Link

    Windows phone 8.1 MDM protocol  - Link

    Upon reviewing these two document some MOF are applicable for Desktop OS only from MS-MDM such as VPN configuration and for VPN configuration there is VPN configuration provider documented in Windows phone 8.1 MDM protocol document. 

    Also I noticed few references to MOF MDM_Application which manages inventory of application (from MS-MDM) conflicts with /Vendor/MSFT/EnterpriseAppManagement from Windows phone 8.1 MDM protocol.

    another e.g.

    to lock ./cimv2/MDM_Client.LockWorkstation() is given in MS-MDM with exec syncml commnad

    and ./vender/MSFT/RemoteLock/Lock is given in 8.1 protocol document

    Similarly there are other providers added (CSP) such as email configuration , remote wipe configuration , storage configuration etc for which there are few MOF present in MS-MDM doc. So what should be followed while supporting windows phone 8.1

    So which document should I refer for managing windows phone 8.1 devices. Also can anyone let me know is there any difference regarding MDM for windows phone and windows tablet ? if yes please specify MDM document for windows tablet.

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  • Windows phone 8.1 MDM protocol documentation is the best source for MDM information on Windows Phone 8.1.  It lists the CSPs available to manage on the phone. I'm not sure about the best resource for "Big Windows" MDM, but it is different from WP8.1. Looks like the 1st link you shared is for Windows 8?

    Wednesday, June 11, 2014 9:39 PM