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  • I am running a SQL 2008 assessment.  The first time I ran it, I selected some OUs and it ran successfully.  It said I had 85 servers and I could view the XLS listing those servers.  I noticed that some known servers were missing from the list.  I then created another database, and ran the assessment selecting virtually everything to scan.  It came back with 85 servers.  When I compared the 1st list to the 2nd, they are different - the 2nd run found different servers, but didn't find servers that it found the day before.

    They are up, connected to network, etc. 

    My question is first why?  And second, how to I get a list of servers/computer that the tool was unable to connect to (because of bad credentials, timeouts, etc)?
    Friday, May 15, 2009 8:59 PM


  • Hi,

    First, your experience in Scan 1 and 2 is interesting.  It could be that a lot of machines are not connected during Scan 1 and *appear* on Scan 2 when they are connected back.  Or it could be a network line issue?  If you target the same OU every scan, you should get the same results as long as you do not have issues such as:

    * Incorrect credentials
    * Network link issue
    * Machine shut down
    * etc...

    Second, to find out which machines are NOT inventoried.  You can check out the "WMI Status" column of the 2nd worksheet after the "Summary" worksheet within the MAP for SQL Excel report.  This column of data is toward the far right of the Excel sheet.

    If you require urgent response to this, please contact Microsoft Product Support.  Otherwise, please e-mail us your 2 reports/databases so we can help look into this further.

    MAP Toolkit Team (

    Computer Name WMI Status
    Computer_00000 Success
    Computer_00001 Success
    Computer_00002 Failed - Machine not found
    Computer_00003 Failed - Access Denied
    Computer_00004 Failed - Connection time out

    Saturday, May 16, 2009 4:08 PM