.net frame work for New Relic Agent installation in windows servers


  • Hi,

    We use New Relic for server monitoring, which requires installation of new relic agents in each windows servers

    The installation of new relic agents requires an update of dot net framework to 4, currently it is 3.5.

    The servers include critical, DCs, File servers, TMG, Apps server etc, does the upgrade/installation of dot net framework 4.0 create any performance issues  or will this make the server unstable.

    Amal RS

    Sunday, July 21, 2013 9:53 AM


  • Hi,

    in my experience to date, .NET FW 4.0 is quite isolated from .NET FW 3.5.1 (on Windows7 and WS2008R2), and doesn't affect base Windows features/functions in a negative way.

    It's kind of impossible for us to know if you have something configured or installed in your environment which might be affected by installing .NET FW 4.0, but if you do have IIS/web services or applications running on these machines, it's possible these might be affected, so you should take care, do backups, or clone off to a test machine, etc.

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    Sunday, July 21, 2013 11:02 AM