Windows 10 Start Menu Removing "Recently Added" and a customizing the start layout tip.


  • Hello all,

    Why is MS making modifying the win 10 start menu so difficult.

    I am struggling with customizing the windows 10 start menu. Currently I am unable to remove the "Recently Added" section from the start menu. 

    and a Tip:

    I just figured out after banging my head against the wall that if you remove all the tiles from the windows 10 start menu, and use the export-startlayout command to export a XML config of the basically blank start menu and use GPO to specify a "start layout" the "life at a glance" and the "play and explore" tiles do NOT get removed.

    To get the "life at a glance" and the "play and explore" tiles removed you MUST include at least one other icon in your exported start layout XML file. Super frustrating....

    Wednesday, July 13, 2016 7:58 PM