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  • Hi,

    I have two SharePoint lists which acts as lookup lists, and a master list which uses data from the lookup lists for two columns, and some free text fields. Both the lookup populated lists in the master lists are mandatory. Yes one of the lists shows a blank as a default when a new record is added, although cannot be ignored as it requires some text, whereas the other one defaults to the first record of the lookup lists. I want to show the blank, otherwise it will be possible for users to simply click save and the list record will be saved with the first record, which may not be correct. I therefore want to enforce the error.

    I have been round the houses and both the lookup lists, is set up exactly the same, and I also cannot see anything in the master list that suggests why those two lookups act so differently.

    I have tried a work around by making the text field in the lookup list non mandatory and entering a record that simply contains a space, but setting the corresponding field in the master list as mandatory. If I do this, then that field shows the blank (space character) record as the default, but it also quite happily accepts the space as a legitimate character.

    To complicate matters, I am limited to SharePoint out of the box functionality, I.e. I am not allowed to use SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, etc to enforce bespoke rules.

    Any help?

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