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     Assuming you have already created the ADAM User Proxy class in the ADAM schema:

    • Add an attribute to the metaverse for objectSid of type binary
    • Add the objectSid to the Active Directory Attributes in the AD MA.
    • Add an attribute flow in the ADMA to populate the metaverse objectSid

    In your adam provisioning code:

    numConnectors = ADAM_MA.Connectors.Count;
    if (0 == numConnectors && mventry["uid"].IsPresent && mventry["objectSid"].IsPresent)
    rdn = "CN=" + mventry["uid"].Value.ToString();
    //user proxy dn = ADAM_MA.EscapeDNComponent(rdn).Concat(adamProxyContainer);
    csentry = ADAM_MA.Connectors.StartNewConnector("userProxy");
    csentry.DN = dn;
    //csentry["name"].Value = mventry["uid"].Value ;
    csentry["objectSid"].Value = mventry["objectSid"].Value;

    If you need multiple classes for your ADAM object, use something like the following instead of the bold line above:

    string[] classes = {"top","userProxy","person","organizationalPerson"};csentry = ManagementAdapter.StartNewConnector("user", classes);


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    By: Paul Loonen
    Monday, June 7, 2010 9:14 PM