INTEL vs. RYZEN performance on matrix operations RRS feed

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  • I am considering purchasing a new AMD Threadripper for scientific computing but have had a hard time finding good data on AMD vs. INTEL on matrix operations for which MKL libraries and R do well.

    I am interested in whether Ryzen is as efficient (or just to compare) as Intel is with regard to scientific computing; specifically matrix operations greatly enhanced by MKL libraries. (and/or BLAS)

    I was able to find this link suggesting that Threadripper is still falling well short of where it should be for scientific computing, but it is a little dated.

    Are you aware of any more up to date benchmarks that compare INTEL vs. AMD (AM4) with regards to this kind of scientific computing?  Or has MRO done some?

    Tuesday, August 28, 2018 3:40 PM