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  • I have a 100GB VHDX file on a network drive I want to create a Virtual Machine of. But I don't have 100GB space available on my local harddrive.

    When I try to create a machine from that file, It seems it starts to copy it to my local drive.

    Are there no way I can just have Windows leave the file where it is, and use it from the network drive? I am aware of the performance issues, but slow harddrive I/O is not a problem in my case. 
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  • Hi,

    Yes, it is possible to have the virtual hard disk files (VHDX) stored on remote network shares, what kind of network drive are you using?

    What if you create a virtual machine without any virtual hard drives first, and then attach the existing VHDX drive to your virtual machine?

    Deploy Hyper-V over SMB

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    Tuesday, March 17, 2020 12:03 PM
  • Ah, I was using the quick create application.

    Now I tried to create a new machine manually, and I'm able to select the remote hard disk file, but when it starts to create the machine it fails with the error below. Y:\ is a mapped network drive (NAS).

    The path is correct and accessible, I pick it using the explorer that pops up. And I can easily access it from Windows Explorer.

    Failed to create a new virtual machine.
    'Name' failed to realize.
    Failed to change Smart Paging location to 'Y:\Backup\Virtual Machine\Name'.
    Failed to change Smart Paging store for virtual machine 'Name' to 'Y:\Backup\Virtual Machine\Name':The system cannot find the path specified. (0x80070003). (Virtual machine ID 79BA2231-0CE5-4E1F-93C3-AA71F9598B24)

    If I create the machine first, and try to add the drive after I get this error after picking the file: "The specified server cannot perform the requested operation."

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  • What operating system are you using?

    Also what kind of NAS are you using? And what SMB version is it using?

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    Tuesday, March 17, 2020 3:44 PM
  • Windows 10 Build 19551

    WD MyCloud set with "SMB3" as "Max SMB Protocol"
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  • Better ask the experts in the dedicated Windows 10 virtualization forum, as this is the Hyper-V forum for Windows Server operating system.

    Windows 10 IT Pro > Windows 10 Virtualization

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  • Mapped drives are owned by users. Hyper-V runs as the computer system account. Use a UNC, not a mapped drive volume. You may also need to adjust share and file permissions.

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