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    I have complained about MS not reacting to their serious error that corrupts data of "Currency" type custom Field e.g. in customized Tasks forms. It started to happen since some upgrade of Exchange Server at the backed they performed  2019/08-5.9.2019 approximately.

    The full description is here:

    I am sorry I am tired to paste all the pictures here again.

    The problem demonstrates only after syncing the data from server. Of course it is gone when I move data to PST file. When I changed provider now with usual Exchange server, problem disappeared. I use various Clients (Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2019) on various physical a virtual machines.

    I am ignored by L1 support. I verified in a robust way the Problem is not in client, bu it is in Server as described.

    I just wait until some big company loses their Enterprise data because sooner or later this error may be installed to their place.

    If anyone can help me warn Exchange server team to the error, pls. send them the link with the screenshots and exact explanation how they can replicate the issue in their environment.

    I think version of faulty Exchange now is 15.20.2284.7 as seen in Outlook icon "Connection Status"


    Added 2019_09_20: You can download the PST file and use it as a test whether problem demonstrates to you. This way you avoid designing your own form. The zipped PST is here:


        1. connect PST to your Outlook  (press CTRL+6 to see all folders)

         2. Copy the folder "Kralici" to your Exchnage account

         3. Test Sync via SHIFT+F9

         4. check at Computer 2

    Thursday, September 19, 2019 11:12 PM

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  • I am sure they are aware of the issue. Did you see the same error on office 365 at all?

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    Friday, September 20, 2019 5:15 AM
  • Hi Filip,

    Thanks for your feedback and detailed description. I checked the link you provided. Actually, forum is the right place you should post to solve this issue, and our Exchange forum can only provide suggestions for customers' Exchange environment.

    I did some research, but cannot find any similar issues. I know it's really frustrating, but Microsoft support team will pay more attention if they get more information from other users. Additionally, if it's convenient for you, you can verify with other account. 

    At present, please back up your information and keep an eye on the notification from Microsoft. 


    Lydia Zhou

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    Friday, September 20, 2019 8:09 AM
  • Hi Lydia,

    Research does not show you similar issues because most of the usual users will not use this function.

    It is however part of Exchange----Outlook   since at least 1998.

    If some company uses this feature in their Enterprise synced app, they most probably do not run on  FREE They most probably use some older version of Exchange. With older versions, error is not there. For 21 years it was not there. Since September 2019 release.

    So the fact that you did not find the issue does not tell the issue does not exist neither it is a minor one.

    We definitely find it after Enterprise customers start slowly loosing data, e.g. after 1 year as they upgrade their Exchange slowly.

    It is very straightforward to test. It is not a tye of problem that "happens only sometimes". You can reproduce my process and tell: YES   NO

    I reported a ticket to team but they have only way to Office Client support team. To a chat. OK. Let's chat about this several hours with L1 agent whoe has no clue even if he sees the pictures. I dont mean it bad but L1 support cannot have expers on custom forms and advanced data storage in Outlook neither sync issues.

    What forum outlook com do you mean? I could post it there to warn them anyway. Because L1 is ignorant. They refuse to even forward this to the team. I do not need their support, I am no entitled for it anyway. I just try to help others. I have my data safe now.

    BTW: I am even aware and have practice in doing VB program to iterate my Items and I can convert all my data from "Currency" to "Number". But I guess Exchange team wants to know about this bug anyway.

    Friday, September 20, 2019 10:29 AM
  • Unfortuately, I have no access to Offfice 365.... But the syncing mechanism is the same one. From the nature it is expectable only.

    I am ready to help to anyone with replitcating. I can share my screen to show how I create the form.

    It is not a rocket science but it may be not straightforward for someone who never did it. because most people uses Outlook to just send an email and that's it. They do not realize it is general synced MAPI storage for things.

    This brings another interesting question:  s it only User-Deined fields that are being damaged?  Or it may be that there is this "Currency" field also as embedded field with MAPI property, like. e.g. in email, task, contact item. Who knows. Then the impact would be much more serious that it seems to me. But probably noone uses this kind of data.

    If I now design Custom-Forms, I never pick up "Currency" field. It seems to me now weird to have " Kč"  " Eur"  or " $" switched whenever System Locale is switched. But I once designed it this stupid way and did not use just Number field so thanks to the fact I was unexperienced some years ago I could now discover this error. Most probably people do not use "Currency" type of data much or any more at all. This is why noone complains so quickly.

    Pls. note that I use these Custom-Forms like 20 years without problems. The Forms evolve gradually and they survived so many client upgrades...... There were no changes in Computer 1 (turned off auto updates - I do them but always manually).  They were just regular updates in Computer 2. They were no changes in Computer 3. Computer 3 sleeps for like 6 months and I sync just occasionally.

    So the really only thing that could change was the backend.

    Which is confirmed by the fact that by moving to PST  or to older Exchange, problem disappeared again.

    I welcom if you have Office365 Outlook virtual machines to test.

    Even 1 single computer with 1 single Outlook would do fine because you can create two independent Mail Profiles and Exit Outlook and turn it on under different profile, separate OST file... etc. There you see how the  synchronization itself  corrupts the data.

    If not, then I admit my mistake :-) Because hat I learned over years in IT is a humbleness before complicated technical issues :-)

    or, maybe, if somebody has VMWare machine with Office365 and any Outlook installed, I can test it for him

    Friday, September 20, 2019 10:41 AM
  • I was finally helped by L1 support  at https : // and now there is a ticket 1483783260. Hopefully it reaches the correct team :-)

    Friday, September 20, 2019 5:57 PM
  • Hi Filip,

    Thanks for your detailed description. I have to add some explanation for my reply above.

    Though we are Exchange server forum, we collect information and provide suggestions for administrators or other customers using Exchange servers. has its own support team, they know more configuration about the Exchange server for They will find more clues and give the right direction.

    The reason why I did some research is to find more information. I just try to offer as much help as possible, even though here is not the right place to figure out this problem. Anyway, it's great that you have opened a ticket to Microsoft. 

    Hope this issue can be figured out soon, and no more people will suffer from it. If you have any updates to share with us, you are welcomed to post back. 


    Lydia Zhou

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    Tuesday, September 24, 2019 11:39 AM
  • Hi Filip,

    Is there any update on this thread?

    If you have other problems about Exchange server, please feel free to post in the forum.


    Lydia Zhou

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    Tuesday, October 1, 2019 12:56 AM