Powercli running Invoke-VMScript and Diskpart.exe against hangs possibly RRS feed

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  • I am attempting to run a PowerCLI script to extend the Citrix D drive (WCDisk) 200+ VDI machines.  Running the script in PowerCLI on a test machine works fine up until it hits the Invoke-VMScript calling Diskpart.exe. It just hangs.  I think I've determined when attempting to call Invoke-VMScript to run diskpart to extend D drive (WCDisk) within the VDI OS UAC is blocking it from running because it just hangs…See screen shot below. 


    Also, from within the VDI that the script is running against, I can see the Diskpart.exe CMD process just sitting there in TaskMgr.


    Here is the test script I am running..


    $HostCredential = Get-Credential

    $GuestCredential = Get-Credential

    #This part hangs

    Invoke-VMScript -HostCredential $HostCredential -vm Win10Test6 -GuestCredential $GuestCredential -ScriptText "C:\windows\system32\diskpart.exe /s c:\Windows\temp\diskpart.txt" -ScriptType BAT    *** This stalls out ***


    If I substitute the Diskpart commands for a non-interactive command such as 'dir' the process runs without issue. This tells me the process and my userid is not the issue.


    This one works just fine so I know my userid is correct..


    #Invoke-VMScript -HostCredential $HostCredential -vm Win10Test6 -GuestCredential $GuestCredential -ScriptText "dir" *** Worked



    •        I ‘think’ UAC might be causing an issue but that is a hunch. I’ve tried to disable UAC but that takes a reboot to set the value and truly be disabled.  This is a Citrix PVS env and UAC is on and the VDI machines reboot to a known state (UAC on).  I haven't gone as far as creating another image with UAC off to test. 



    Questions I need help with are:

    1. Is there a better or easier way to extend a drive via PS with UAC on?
    2. Is there a way to bypass UAC with use of Enter-PSSession running the same commands elevated?

    Thank you for your help and time, Robert Jaudon

    Saturday, November 18, 2017 7:35 PM

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  • If you cannot elevate then you cannot do this.

    You must be logged in as an admin and run an elevated prompt.  You cannot bypass UAC on the local machine ever,

    Note also that "diskpart" is not a BAT.  It is an EXE.

    You also need to post VMWare specific issues in a VMWare forum.  VMWare is not a Microsoft product.


    Saturday, November 18, 2017 7:48 PM