Mouse and keyboard stopped working


  • So I opened Autoruns and unticked some things I should not have (I don't know what!). When I restarted I had no access to anything at all as both mouse and keyboard no longer work.
    I have disconnected that hard drive and now running a new windows install.
    Can I fix that version?
    I tried different mice and keyboards.
    Tuesday, March 27, 2018 2:37 AM

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  • For anyone looking for a solution to this who doesn't have a restore point, I've have one for you.

    Some background: I was trying to remove a virus with autoruns, I also took the opportunity to untick some things I didn't recognize. I've now realised that is not the purpose of this tool, and disabling software at boot should be done by other means.

    My Fix: I couldn't get into safe mode by pressing F8 I guess due to my keyboard not loading. Luckily, if you keep hard reseting windows during login, it tries to troubleshoot. From that menu you want to go into the command prompt screen. I got a few errors trying to do this, and had to keep rebooting and eventually I got a prompt. Once you're in the prompt, type regedit (this is just a vessel to get to an explorer window). Hit File > Import to open up an explorer window, and navigate to your autoruns installation. Right click and run the EXE as administrator. Next (important) go to File > Analyze Offline System, select the windows directory in the first field, and your user directory in the second (Use this guide for more help: winhelponline(dot)com/blog/analyze-offline-system-autoruns-feature). Finally you can edit your auto runs on your windows install. You'll want to go ahead and pretty much check everything and hit save. Then reboot and pray to the windows gods. Good luck.
    Sunday, February 10, 2019 8:52 PM