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  • I have succesfully added couple Windows 10 Pro to domain using unattend.xml file, now I would like to do the same with Windows 10 Ent 2016 LTSB, but I have problem. On domain controller I see that computer object is created with name:


    and the setupact.log  showing the same computer name:

    2020-02-24 15:54:22, Info       [0x06025d] IBS    Callback_ComputerName_Validate:Computer name is WIN-BRDL7U9F59N
    2020-02-24 15:54:22, Info       [0x06025a] IBS    Callback_ComputerName_Generate:Computer name [WIN-BRDL7U9F59N] is valid.
    2020-02-24 15:54:22, Info                  IBS    SetComputerNameOnline: Set the computer name to WIN-BRDL7U9F59N

    but after Windows deployment is finished I see that computer is not connected to domain and it have other hostname like:


    On logs I see something like:

    2020-02-24 15:52:27, Info       [0x0b008c] WDS    [base\eco\wds\clientapi\client\src\domainjoin.cpp:162] Expression: , Win32 Error=0x1f
    2020-02-24 15:52:27, Info       [0x0b0080] WDS    ProcessImageUnattend: WdsCliGetDomainJoinInformation returned hr = [0x8007001F]
    2020-02-24 15:52:27, Info                  WDS    ProcessImageUnattend: Failed to retrieve domain join information. The client will not join domain.

    Why the same file unattend.xml is working for Windows 10 Pro, and do not on Windows 10 Ent ?

    Monday, February 24, 2020 3:23 PM

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