Local printers are offline while connected to Remote Desktop server


  • I have a user who is using a domain joined Windows 7 Pro PC. She has several printers mapped via a domain print server.

    She uses a VPN to connect to another site with a different Windows domain. She logs into the VPN with a user account setup for her on the other domain. She then logs into a RDS server using those same credentials.

    The problem is that she is unable to print to any of her local printers from the RD server. The local printers show as being redirected on the RD server.

    The redirected printers all look like they're online and she receives no error when printing but nothing comes out of the printer. However, when you view the printers on her PC during an RDS session, they are all showing offline. As soon as you disconnect from the RD server and the VPN the local printers come back online and anything she tried to print to a redirected local printer while on the server now prints out.

    I've checked and the print spooler service on her PC never stops so that's not the cause.

    I've checked with another user as user #1's location who sits 10 feet away from her and is mapped to the same local printers. She connects to the other domain via VPN using her own credentials on the other domain and logs into that same RDS server. She then prints a document to the same redirected printer that user #1 is trying to print to, but in this person's case the document prints out and the local printers on her PC never show as being offline while connected to the VPN and RD server.

    I've deleted the VPN connection from user #1's PC and re-created it and compared it to user #2 and there is no difference.

    So I'm stumped as to why the locally mapped printers on this user's PC go offline as soon as she connects to the RD server.


    Thursday, March 31, 2016 6:56 PM

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