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  • I guess I have a few questions.

    1.  How many clients can FCS handle? My current AV server can handle about 80,000 machines for policies and reporting and would love to look at FCS as a replacement.

    2.  I have many machines that are not part of the domain, I saw this question asked earlier and the response was "Policy:  You can author and deploy a policy (to a file) and apply that policy to the remote client (using the included FCSLocalPolicyTool) to the client" Does this mean i would have to run this tool on all these machines locally?  How would i would i do that by visiting each machine manually?

    3. As for deploying the client to machines the manual says:

    Install Client Security directly on each client computer. This has the advantage of simplicity but is not practical for large-scale deployments.

    Install Client Security remotely using an installation script. This scales well but requires the creation of a script. This option is not currently documented.

    Install Client Security remotely using a logon script in Group Policy. Again, this scales well but requires the creation of a script. This option is not currently documented.

    Because the Client Security agent is an executable file, it cannot be deployed directly in Group Policy.

    Shouldn't there just be some kind of deployment task on the management server that just sends the install? These four options are definitely not an option if i am deploying to 80,000 nodes.

    Tuesday, January 2, 2007 4:34 AM

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  • Hi Stan

    Thanks for the questions!  I'll break each one down individually

    Q1:  How many clients?

    A1:  A single instance of the FCS Server (Distribution, Reporting, Collection and Management roles) can handle about 10k clients.  To support 80k clients, you would need to break up the machines into 8 groups along various lines (by region, domain, network location, etc) and would manage each group independently

    Q2:  How does FCSLocalPolicytool.exe work remotely?

    A2:  You can use any tool/technology you have to run scripts on a remote computer for FCSLocalpolicytool.exe.  It could be part of a login script, or you could build up an SMS (or other 3rd party SW distribution tool) package, etc.  You could even author a MOM task and target computers that way. 

    Q3:  How can I easily deploy the client to 80k machines?

    A3:  As with A2, you can use an SMS (or other 3rd party distribution tool) to build and deploy the bits to your client machines

    As for a deployment task from the Mgmt server, that is a feature we are actively investigating for v2



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    Tuesday, January 2, 2007 6:00 PM