Update Downloads so slow they are unusable


  • How can I download updates at an acceptable speed?

    I have Vista Home Premium 64bit active.  It has been updated over the years without much fuss.  Recently (October 2016) updates have begun to download so slowly that even when the machine is left on for days the updates have not been downloaded and applied.  This is not to do with my internet connection itself; it works for all other applications.  

    The symptoms are:

    Control panel>Windows Update screen shows 'Downloading updates'.  The moving 'download bar' continually cycles but beneath it it always says "0KB total, 0% complete".   This never status changes.  However, since updates do sometimes get loaded, this information appears to be incorrect anyway.

    Wednesday, November 2, 2016 9:59 AM


  • If its a laptop pc,try opening networking in control-panel select manage network connections,only youre

    current connection to the pc needs to be available,if mobile/etc connection exist, on it,disable.Also,try

    updating the pc hardware software/drivers,if intel-based,go to,locate the

    intel update utility,it runs auto.Also,clean up temp files,go to run,or cmd,type: %Temp%  locate organize,select

    all,delete all,exit,run disk cleanup,more options tab,locate system restore,click on the button,this being all the

    boxes in cleanup were checked..

    Thursday, November 3, 2016 6:34 AM