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  • I have been testing Vista Ultimate Edition Build 5472 for 5 days.

    I think it is full of many useful features and does offer genuine progress on Windows XP.  However below is a break down as best I can of the faults I have experienced and as much detail to reproduce them as possible.

    Should I submit these to Microsoft and if so individually or as a whole list?

    Gigabyte GA-8I945PLGE-RH
    Hauppauge Nova-T PCI Tuner
    Intel Pentium D 3.0Ghz
    1GB DDR 2
    Nvidia Geforce 6600

    In all instances below all possible driver permutations have been attempted to resolve the problem with consistently no successes unless specified otherwise.

    Operating System

    Bad Blocks
    The OS appears to struggle when encountering bad blocks when compared to Windows XP MCE 2005.  A 160GB SATA hard disk has been taken out of a Windows XP Professional machine and installed in the Vista machine.  It is 90% full and contains recorded television from the MCE.  When the disk is accessed by Vista it logs that it has encountered a bad block and begins to endlessly thrash the disc until it is removed (SATA cable disconnected).  Although this is faulty hardware it is in contrast to XP MCE 2005 which also logs the error but appears to continue uninterrupted.  Running the disk tools does not change the behaviour.  Files can still be accessed but at significantly impaired performance.  The disc was removed to check it did not contribute to the items below.

    Explorer Process
    The explorer process intermittently gets a little excited and consumes all available memory, climbing often to half a GB.  A restart does resolve this issue.

    Disk Management - Shrink Volume
    The shrink volume feature does not appear to work.  A partition with 10's or even 100's of GB of free space will often not relinquish anything more than a few 10's of GB.  Could this be fragmentation related.

    Disk Management - Defragmenter
    This feature needs a progress bar.  If a process may take 'a few hours' the user needs some indication that there is indeed progress.

    Event Logs
    The event logs all report an error when viewed.  The message indicates the description cannot be found.

    Reliability Monitor
    I have encountered many application failures and a handful of BSOD with many being reported using the Error Reporting feature.  However the reliability monitor shows no events.  This seems unusual.

    Windows Explorer Tree
    The tree structure repeatedly loses the focus and returns to the Organise menu when tabbing between windows for example when tabbing between multiple Explorer windows to manipulate files.  This is very difficult to use and causes excessive use of the mouse of Tab key to recover the focus to the correct element.

    Gadgets - Navigation
    I cannot find a way to move gadgets between multiple pages when there are two many gadgets to fit in a single page.  You then can't arrange them as you might wish.

    Gadgets - RSS Feed
    There is no menu options to refresh an RSS feed from the gadget.  You have to rely on Internet Explorer which makes this procedure more cumbersome than need be.

    File Operation Time Estimates
    The file operation time estimates inconsistently
    generate during file operations.  Often it has generated a total number of files and/or total file size, we have data transfer speeds or other detail but no estimate which seems odd as at that stage there is sufficient data to generate an estimate.

    Logon Screen
    Intermittent failure for screen to recover from black, possible power save or screen save at logon screen however interface is still responding and if you can guess the right keyboard commands you can recover the screen by logging in.

    The logon screen does not always maintain the state of the Num Lock key after a S1 standby.

    Keyboard Service
    Legacy PS2 keyboards are intermittently disabled when the service which controls them fails during startup.  That really did get me unstuck.

    Confirmation Dialogs
    The new confirmation dialogs appear to cause problems on large format displays.  They are either causing a screen resolution change or refresh rate issue as the screens have to cycle the display to present them.  This often takes a few seconds which isn't desirable.
    Monday, August 14, 2006 10:39 PM