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  •   This is prompted by & in response to a few threads & topics I've seen in this Forum.

    1st, let me make the distinction between browser toolbars & operating system toolbars.

    My point, here & now, regards browser toolbars.

    There is a whole can-of-worms about detachable 'toolbars' that no longer exist in Windows 7 & how terrible that is... I won't go there, @ all.

    The term, 'toolbar', is used for various, somewhat different, things/locations/uses or applications.... ie LINKS (on the Taskbar) is called a toolbar.

    Anyway, back to browser toolbars:

    Now, here it strikes me as there being 2 things called 'toolbar'... things like the BING Toolbar, of which there are countless offerings... some good or ok and some terrible, even borderline malware.  Frankly, I find, after a while, such toolbars become just silly, unnecessary 'toys' or gadgets.  I say unnecessary meaning redundant... most everything these offer can be done or accessed in other simple, already available ways & means w/in the OS or browser, w/out adding a toolbar; I tossed any I had, like BING's, cus I just wasn't needing to use things on it or they were already elsewhere, oft times native, too.

    Ah, but, now we come to actual browser toolbars.  No need to list them.  And let's assume we are, for the moment, talking IE9 & Windows 7.  A thread , in this Forum, has been asking about moving/manipulating, positioning & sizing said toolbars.  They were having troubles & difficulties setting the layout to their personal taste.

    A big part of the design approach to new browsers has been simplify & clean-up & have the website be #1 not the browser window, in other words, big viewing area.  Toolbars lessen this.  So, personally, I don't care much about size & placement of said toolbars.  Memu, Command, Favorites Bar can ALL be made to be there (SHOW) if & when needed/wanted (like adding to Favorites Bar) & then made to disappear when you are finished doing whatever.  99.9% of the time no toolbars are taking up space @ the top of the browser.  Possible food for thought.  Sure makes for a lot less 'fussing' w/ them.

    Course, I have no Desktop icons, either, lol.


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  • Memu, Command, Favorites Bar can ALL be made to be there (SHOW) if & when needed/wanted (like adding to Favorites Bar) & then made to disappear when you are finished doing whatever. 

    OK, I'll bite: I know how to make the Menu Bar show up when wanted (the ALT key), but I don't know how to make either the Command Bar or the Favorites Bar "be there ... when wanted." Actually, I don't ever want the Favorites Bar, period (but that is beside the point, because some folks possibly do). So, how exactly does one add the Command Bar to the Favorites Bar? Your statement, taken literally (using the rules of English), indicates that it is possible to add the Favorites Bar to the Favorites Bar, but that makes no sense, so you must have meant something else; what would that be, exactly?

    I want the Menu Bar there all the time, but if it's not there, I can get it quickly. No problem.

    Is there an equally quick way to get the Command Bar (which I also use much of the time, but also don't need take up space on every browser window [as it does now ... for me])? Some of the time, I'm simply browsing the web, and obviously don't need the Command Bar. But much of the time I'm deep into the technical details of a web page, and need "1-click" access to the unique things offered on the Command Bar. The only way I know to get the Command Bar to show up is to go thru the documented procedure to make it show up (which is clearly much more than a single click). But that also affects all subsequent browser windows, and I only need it on that browser window.

    I'm happy for none of these things to show up normally, or by default, or initially, provided I can make them appear "instantly" (or quickly, simply, and easily). How does one do that, exactly, for the Command Bar?




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