SharePoint 2010 and sharepoint online bidirectional Search with 2013 as intermediair


  • Hi .. i'm having a few questions about cloud hybrid search for SP 2010

    Is a cloud hybrid search possible between SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint online ?

    i proberbly need a SharePoint 2013 as intermediair. correct ?

    I did some research and read that it should be possible.. but i cant really find if its possible to make it bidirectional.

    so that people on SharePoint online find the Sharepoint 2010 content

    and that the people on the  SharePoint 2010 find the online content.

    and my second question is that for the SharePoint 2013 intermediair.  i proberbly need SharePoint server licence for that .. and that is ok .. but do i also need a CAL for the 2013 for every employee in the company ?? 

    Thanks in advance for your efford to help me 

    Friday, March 31, 2017 11:37 AM


  • To do this you would setup a dedicated SharePoint 2013 search farm with a cloud search service and use that to crawl the SP 2010 content.  Then point search in 2010 at the search center in Office 365.  That would do it.  And yes, you will need an SP2013 license for the search farm and CALs.  But I think you can work out a deal with MS to get one CAL for each employee that will cover Office 365, SP2010, and SP 2013.

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