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  • Imagine the following:


    A website https://intranet.company.com/ based on a sharepoint farm running on 2 servers (Sharepoint1 & sharepoint 2). Now imagine that this sharepoint site needs to have a subsection of the site called https://intranet.company.com/apps/(app1, app2, app3, ect.) however these apps are hosted on separate servers outside the sharepoint farm (appserver1 & appserver2).


    The trick here is to have the single dns name for this site while having multiple servers hosting the various parts of it depending on the path in the url. The sharepoint servers (sharepoint1 & sharepoint 2) would host:



    while the apps servers (appsever 1 & appserver2) would host:



    Is this possible using UAG? In the ISA server we just used normal publishing rules (with matching paths) in the correct order so that the first rule would only be matched if /apps/* was part of the request and the second rule would match /*. This would effectively spilt the site between multiple servers depending of what subsection of the site were accessed.


    Is this scenario possible in UAG?


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  • UAG allows you to publish multiple internal servers using a mechanism called HAT, which encodes the "real" server's identity as a unique path that's part of the URL. We also refer to this as a "Signature". For example:


    This allows you to access these server from one public URL.

    This does not apply to SharePoint sites, which have specific challanges and need to have a public hostname that's seperate, but I believe this can be achieved with the proper design. I would recommend you work with a UAG specialist or consultant to iron out the details.


    Ben Ari
    Microsoft CSS UAG/IAG Support
    Sammamish, WA
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