Should I install Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0? Why? RRS feed

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  • I will be getting a new desktop PC for my birthday, (Most likely a windows 10 one because all the windows 8 ones will either be sold out totally or extremely cheap)

    Anyway, I want to downgrade my current desktop (COMPAQ SR5000) to an older OS. The 3 Operating Systems I mentioned in the title are the ones my Dad has in the attic. He also has windows XP and 2000, and ME But I wasn't really fond of ME as I tried it at my Grandad's back in 2006/2007, however XP is an option if The 3 I mentioned earlier don't work. 

    I currently have 4GB RAM in this PC And I have had it since around 2003/2004 It's still pretty fast considering it's age. It came with 3GB RAM, and Vista pre installed. I know I can use 3GB RAM on win98 and XP, But what about on 95 or NT4.0? 

    I want to install Windows 95 because I found all my old PC Games from like 2002 in the attic and I can't play them on vista as I get a message saying "Your OS is too new for this software" Its vista home premium 32 bit. 

    Anyway which do you think I should install? I found the windows 95 startup sound on Instant Buttons app a while ago, and I played it and it reminded me of my child hood like 13 years ago when I would be using it. I remembered everything I had forgotten about. I won't be using Older OS for the internet, only for kepping my college work files on as I don't want them to get mixed up with my personal files at home. Also, I wouldn't be able to run any of my older games on windows 10.

    Wednesday, June 3, 2015 12:19 PM